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Previous Pictures


27th November


Simon Winfield, Managing Director of Red Monkey Play, and Trustee of Leicester Riders Foundation, visits the site.



27th November


Robert‎ Hunt from Reebok visits the fitness suite.



27th November


Views of flooring going in - first floor sports lounge, floor being laid in main Sports hall, floor being laid in main Sports hall, corridor on first floor nearing completion.



26th November


Views of flooring in sports hall ready to install, curbing for roadway onto site, work around closing up entrance to building well advanced, lampposts in Cark park being installed at front of building, doors installed in main Sports Hall to amenities block.



19th November


Views of Lesley and Claire from the college taking a tour, working late in function suite on first floor, Northwest corner of sports hall completed, lights in sports hall reflected in Windows on first floor of amenities block, Southwest corner of sports hall complete, windows installed near entrance on first floor of amenities block.



13th November


Views of block work around entrance near complete, paving around new entrance to site, and the lights are on in sports hall!



11th November


Views of external doors on sports hall being installed, brickwork complete on East / West sides, ventilation louvres to Sport Hall being installed, inside Hall as doors are installed, and shutter doors to storage units installed.



11th November


Chris Hobson from Leicester chamber of commerce visits site.



11th November


Jonathan Webb and Nigel Rixon of Leicestershire Police and Jon Stonebridge of BE get tour of facility.



6th November


Views of painting of cladding complete in sports hall East and west, last few bricks completed on West side of building, Deputy Site Manager Mark Tomlinson directs moving of lighting pole adjacent site entrance, preparations for installation of interceptor for rainwater discharge into canal, rainwater interceptor installed adjacent to canal.



2nd November


Views of the ceiling being installed on storage units in main sports hall, looking down hallway in ground floor of amenities block, suspended ceiling being installed on first floor of amenities block, suspended ceiling being installed in fitness suite of first floor of amenities block, door and window frames installed in the amenities block.



25th October


Views of Mike Kapur and Jordan Smith of Sempervox touring the site, frames being installed for windows onto the main sports hall, permanent water supply installed into the plant room, last few LED lights being installed in main sports hall, permanent power supply and meter installed in the plant room.



21st October


 Russell Findlay and Lynsey Edwards of Basketball Foundation visit the site.



20th October


Andy Webb (COO of BBL) and Karen Rothery (CEO of Surrey Sports Park) after a tour of the Arena.



19th October


Views of windows installed at the front of amenities block, first floor sports lounge taking shape, looking out from sports lounge on first floor of amenities block, roof being installed on storage units.



13th October


Ursula Routledge and Karen Ellis get tour of the site.



13th October


A group of construction students from Leicester College get a tour of the site.



12th October


Views of window frames installed on first floor of amenities block, windows installed at East end of amenities block, windows in place on east side of arena, inside the fitness suite, frames in on ground floor of amenities block, sports lounge in amenities block taking shape.



6th October


John Sinclair, broadcaster and journalist, gets tour of CAP.



2nd October


Views of Plaster progressing on ground floor of amenities block, Scaffolding down; window frames being installed at front of building, First floor partitioning progressing, Most of block work complete in main sports hall.



30th September


Leicester Cobras Chairman, Ian Trott, gets a tour of the project



30th September


Views of plastering progressing on ground floor of amenities block, progressing the partitioning of sports hall from amenities block, scaffolding coming down as brickwork is complete on front of building, partitioning progressing on first floor of amenities block, block work in northwest corner of hall complete.



23rd September


Views of the first LED light fittings installed in sports hall, Door frames being put in place on GF of amenities block, Frames for hallway being put in place on FF of amenities block, Frames in place for hallway on FF of amenities block.



21st September


Views of the First floor amenities block taking shape, Last stage of brickwork on south face being installed, North wall block work virtually complete, Fitness suite on first floor taking shape, Amenities block first floor partitioning being installed, Main sports hall painting of steelwork complete.



14th September


Views of Vimal Chauhan and Karl Craig-West of the Federation of Small Business visit the site, front view of progress of construction, first floor of amenities block partitions being installed, another view of first floor of amenities block partitions being installed, west external brickwork progressing well.



9th September


Brian Hoyle and Nigel Goshawk from LCC Highways on site, planning the integration of their works on Charter Street with the arena works.



8th September


Views of the southwest from the sports lounge on first floor, inside of sports hall with electrical first fix in progress, inside ground floor of amenities block with mechanical first fix in progress, inside ground floor of amenities block at east end, external front brickwork progressing well, first floor of amenities block electrical wiring in progress.



1st September


Lords Taverners East Midlands Chairman Ian Guyler and Louise Seymour, Head of Development Projects at Leicester City Council checks on the Arena progress.



28th August


Shots of the last of the roof trimming being completed on south side of building, ground floor of amenities block corridor progressing, West side brick work progressing well, East side brick work progressing well, Arena entrance taking shape, inside wall of amenities block going up.



20th August


Kevin Routledge with Dr Roseong Park, CEO of Giga Tera EU, the Korean firm providing LED lighting to the Arena via their local supplier LED Light Vision.



18th August


Views of internal block work progressing at entrance, external brickwork progressing on southern wall, external block work progressing on eastern wall, south and west internal block work progressing, LCC road works on Memory Lane nearing completion, internal block work progressing on eastern wall, and external block and brickwork progressing on western wall.




13th August


Shots of containment for wiring being installed in first floor amenities block, Memory Lane works by Council near completion, and East wall block work continues.



7th August


Latest Pictures - Block work and brickwork progressing on south wall of building, Block work and concreting progressing at front entrance to building, Acoustic block work progressing on west wall of building, Acoustic block work progressing on east wall of building, Internal block work progressing on ground floor of amenities block, View from inside on acoustic block work progressing on west wall of building



4th August


Latest Pictures - Brickwork and cladding progressing on east side of building, LCC Highways works on new curbing and road in the south east corner of the site, LCC Highway works and new footpath progressing on Memory Lane, Inner wall cladding in place, and acoustic blocks ready for installation in main sports hall, Brickwork and cladding progressing on south end of building



30th July


Latest Pictures - External brickwork in progress, Internal block work in progress, The view of the storage units at canal end, Block work around lift in progress, Block and brickwork on south side processing apace, Inner lining going up on the east side of the building, Another view of East side cladding lining



28th July


Check out the latest images of progress to date



22nd July


The view of west end of building from Charter St., Main sports hall floor being concreted and Terry McGreal and Robert Jelley of Jelsons with Rider’s President Mark Ellis at the site.



15th July


Views of the south of Arena, playing courts and amenities block, roofing insulation going into place, east side of Arena with roofing going into place, Arena from top of Memory Lane, Road works on Memory lane to improve access to Arena by foot and cycle, Large crane lifting roof panels into place, and Amenities block ground floor ready for concrete finish.



9th July


Working on internals. First floor in amenities block in place whilst the roof is currently going in place.



1st July


Location of entrance and Assistant Mayor Councillor Piara Singh Clair visiting the site.



25th June


Main frame in place – proceeding to roof and decking.



15th June 2015


Steel frame circa 80% complete at 15th June.



12th June 2015


Steel work progressing well  - over 50% of outer steel in place by 12th June with more steelwork yet to  come to complete building outer structure.



4th June 2015


Steelwork erection continues


3rd June 2015


Steelwork going up apace



2nd June 2015


City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, with Kevin Routledge, Russell Levenston and Rob Paternostro of the Riders, and Lisa Jacobs, Neil Challinor and students of Leicester College at Charter Street as the first corner beam is put into place on 2nd June


1st June 2015


First steel arrives on site & Signboard for project goes up at Charter Street



3rd May 2015


Piles are in place on the south part of the building; the two rows of piles are for the 2 story amenities block.



3rd May 2015


The piles are in place along the eastern boundary of the building.



3rd May 2015


Another look at piles in place along the eastern side of the building.



3rd May 2015


Another look at the 2 rows of pilings under the amenities block, which is on the southern end of the building, near the entrance from Charter Street.



13th April 2015


Start of the Arena Build



10th April 2015


Remediation is complete, and the site is being prepared for Arena build contractor, Boys, to take over next week. Some final ‘tidying up’ to be done by remediation contractor VHE on Monday/ Tuesday next week



2nd April 2015


The area to the north west of the site, where the Arena is to be located, has now been fully excavated, and all hazardous materials removed. The levels have been returned as required for the next phase of the build, with a rubble ‘cap’.



2nd April 2015


The area just inside the gate where a large underground oil tank was located is the last area to be excavated, and hazardous materials removed.



2nd April 2015


The area near the south west of the site is near completion – this will provide the link to Memory Lane where Leicester College Abbey Park campus is located



13th March 2015


While excavation work continues particularly along the western boundary, the excavated parts of the middle and east of the site are now being levelled, refilled and prepared for the next stage of the project.



16th February 2015


Excavation as of 13th February.


10th February 2015


Excavation continues on Charter Street; additional contamination found; the site has been almost completely excavated to extent required



30th January 2015


Working through the snow on Friday 30th with the Remediation. There are now 4 x 21 tonne excavators working on site; a 25 tonne dump truck, 9 tonne dumper, a roller, hydraulic hammer and water treatment equipment. There are also 13 workers on site.



26th January 2015

The latest pictures from the site, taken on 26th January 2015, from the Leicester College/ Memory Lane access point to the arena site. Additional equipment has arrived on site to continue the excavation, and 3 weeks into the project the remediation works remain on schedule.



22nd January 2015 - Remediation excavation in progress


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